Step 2. Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol

Step 2 - Detoxing

This step is for everyone, even if you have no adverse thyroid symptoms. Detox comes in many forms, and it seems that everyone has their own favourite method. However, certain elements are critical, including flushing your liver of gallstones. Yes, your LIVER. If you have gallstones in your gallbladder, there will be three times as many gallstones in your liver (known as intra-hepatic stones). So, removing your gallbladder will never remove the problem of gallstones.

Other detox measures include:

  • Halogens (flouride, chlorine, bromine)

  • Mercury fillings

  • Root Canal fillings

  • Heavy metals

Dietary changes may be indicated from the results of hair analysis and other testing done as part of Step 1. Again, there are multiple changes that should be undertaken by everybody, including:

  • Eliminate soy

  • Reduce the "white" foods - white flour, white sugar, white rice, white potatoes. (gluten products is of particular concern).

  • Reduce the quantity of manufactured foods

  • Eat "good" fats

  • Drink more water

  • Get more midday sunshine

  • Assist your lymphatic system (deep breathing, exercise)

  • Evaluate your vitamin and mineral needs